our envıronmental polıcy

UBS Airport Systems employees evaluate and investigate every project to determine the environmental impact of their activities. Between using existing and current information and following of procedures UBS Airport Systems’ employees either eliminate or minimize these impacts.

For every activity that is carried out by UBS Airport Systems and its employees, the environmental impacts of the project are carefully considered. These project activities include but are not limited to: business development, bidding, engineering studies, construction, commissioning, installation and demobilization.

UBS Airport Systems sets up Environmental Management Systems and provides all the necessary resources to implement these systems. Employees are also given the opportunity to enhance their environmental awareness through education. UBS Airport Systems continuously informs its employees about developing environmental issues and the efficient use of natural resources and the environment.

UBS Airport Systems’ Environmental Management Philosophy is:

-Obey environmental-related laws and regulations of all countries where working and also other environmental protection requirements.
-Use natural resources efficiently.
-Reduce environmental impact with the use of Efficient Waste Management.
-Reduce the risks of emergencies.
-Increase the environmental awareness of its employees with education.
-Fulfill the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.