occupatıonal health and safety

At UBS Airport Systems we believe that all accidents can be avoided and we have adopted a ZeroAccident Policy. UBS Airport Services has put these policies in place to prevent any accidents occurring and only elects to work on projects that are focused on employee health and safety, and are environmentally sensitive and responsible.UBS Airport Systems’ opinion is that safety is never a choice and work accidents are not acceptable.

UBS Airport Systems values their employees and respects them. The most important factor in the prevention of accidents is individually giving importance to safety and procedures. The most basic responsibility of all employees involved in all projects is to avoid any risky situations.

UBS Airport Systems ensure the safety and security of their employees, subcontractors and visitors by eliminating potential hazards and by taking preventive measures in all of theır projects. UBS Airport Systems binds legal necessity of employee health and labor safety, occupational health and safety and recognizes moral law whilst operating. Strict adherence of workers health, labor, safety and protection of the environment policies are expected from all UBS Airport Systems’ employees whilst working.

Employee health and safety are consıdered in all steps of the project such as installation, commissioning and demobilization. UBS Airport Systems’ Project Management Team evaluates these policies and procedures and a Project Management Plan is prepared for every project.

Whilst on-site all UBS Airport Systems’ employees must adhere to Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures and report any rısks or threats to employee safety immediately.

What we will do:

UBS Airport Systems recognises its moral and legal responsibilities under occupational health and safety (OH&S) legislation to provide a safe and healthy work environment. This commitment means that we will:
-Provide a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions for all, including employees, contractors, customers and visitors.
-Provide training to enable all employees to work safely comply with all relevant legislation and industry standards
-Provide support and assistance to employees consult with staff and contractors where relevant to enhance the effectiveness of procedures.
-Provide adequate resources to aid employees in fulfilling their responsibilities conduct investigations into all reported incident sensure that appropriate return to work programs are in placeconduct regular reviews and evaluations of the health and safety systems in place.What employees are expected to do

While at work, all employees – irrespective of their position – will:

-Take reasonable care to ensure good health and safety procedures are implemented at all times.
Identify and support measures to eliminate or minimise unsafe conditions
-Assume personal responsibility for their own safety and for those of other work colleagues by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner.