As UBS Airport Systems, we are proud to say we have at least one system running in all of Turkey’s airports. Besides Turkey UBS has a wide range of global references Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. These systems are: Flight Information System, CCTV, Taxiway Guidance Sign, Frangible Approach Mast, Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System, AFTN System, VDGS, Airfield Lighting System and Passenger Boarding Bridge. UBS Airport Systems’ employees also provide technical knowledge, skills and experience to technological solutions.

Our knowledge of installation and implementation of these systems is used in many projects in Turkey andabroad. UBS Airport Systems has become a recognized brand in the international arena.

After 10 years of R&D work, UBS focused on manufacturing Passenger Boarding Bridge systems. Since 2014 UBS manufactured and deployed over 20 Passenger Boarding Bridges globally. UBS aims to triple the PBB number deployed globally with ongoing and planned projects.