When we consider the unique features of an airport, it is clear that every minute is critical from the moment the aircraft lands, reaches its parking position and then takes off. Today the increasing amount of air traffic at airports is causing a threat to the time allocated for ground handling operations. Reduction of this allocated time is causing an inefficient and poor quality of service. For airport operations to run efficiently, airports use systems to coordinate all the areas they are responsible for. Operations at an airport depend not only on these systems but also how well they work together. In many airports this is not the case. 

Until Now! 

UBS has pioneered a ‘Gate Control and Monitoring System’ which, integrates all necessary airport systems to coordinate from one central location. The ‘UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System’ determines the position of a UBS Passenger Boarding Bridge for an aircraft and any services it requires before it touches down onto the runway. The ‘UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System’ collates data received from the AODB, PBB, VDGS and GPU &APU mounted onto UBS PBB. This live data is visible and controllable via the multi-touch display. The ‘UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System’ will increase efficiency and save time for gate operations. This system is the future and it will be an essential component for any airport to function successfully. Live gateway situations will be visible from one central location with accordance to time and work force. Malfunction is noticed much quicker therefore, resolution is much quicker.

Easy Integration With Multiple Data Source
- PBB,

Easy Integration With Multiple Data Source
- Active and Passive - Position 
- PBB Temperature 
- Reason for Emergency Alarm/Status 
- DGS live camera feed of the apron 
- Access Control System 
- PCS Information- GPU Information 
- Amount of time aircraft has been at the parking bay 
- Amount of time it takes from aircraft landing to connect with the PBB