UBS’s inclusive extent of Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges provides safe and easy docking operations and delivers higher-level passenger boarding experience. Our tailor made solutions, innovative technology and high quality elements makes the UBS’s PBB the best solution.

Boutique product lıne
Our team will be designing and producing the Boarding Bridge manufactured to airport’s specific requirements, choosing the right size configuration, the drive system, the elevation type, body config, the most effective air conditioning system and other design elements, such as steel or glass tunnels, rain drains etc. The result is a highly durable Passenger Boarding Bridge capable of providing a long-lasting service at your airport.
Low operatıon costs
Lift and travel systems are visualizing and engineered to extend maximum energy efficiency. The Passenger Boarding Bridge constructure is prepared to receive Ground Support Equipment such as PCA and GPU which deliver preconditioned air and electricity to the stationed aircraft, reducing its energy consumption.
Rapid,​​Exact​​and​ ​Safe​​ Docking​​Maneuvers
UBS builds its Passenger Boarding Bridges with the latest cabin and updated technologies and extends a total and reliable safety system. point-and-go technology, multiple sensors and fully automated docking system provide simple, and successful docking operations, anticipate any risk for the aircraft or operator on the apron.
For keeping boarding bridges in ideal operating circumstance, maintenance is the cornerstone. By the virtue of our direct access system, all main components can be reached easily to allow preservation tasks to be carried out quickly
Higher ​​Product ​​Quality​​ and​​Reliability
UBS’s Passenger Boarding Bridges are offering a stronger and more lightweight structure made of superiority steel. All materials that used by UBS are tested and the manufacturing process is certified to guarantee superb lastingness.
Prominent​​ Security​​ and​ ​Comfort​​for​ ​Passengers
As an innovative firm, we believe that passengers who enter one of our boarding bridges they start their adventure. Consequently, successful technical ideas and design are critical, incorporating sides such as specific acoustic and thermal insulation, innovative and right use of natural lighting, efficient air-conditioning solutions and comfortable gradient, non-slip flooring, all of which make a qualified difference to a passenger’s viewpoint of the service provided by an
airport or airline.