Passenger Boarding Bridge

Passenger Boarding Bridge


Maintenance is the backbone for the operations to keep passenger boarding bridges in ideal conditions, and we are reaching all main components easily to allow preservation tasks to be carried out thanks to our direct access system.


We are producing and designing our passenger boarding bridges while regarding the airport’s specific requirements by choosing the right size of configuration, drive system, elevation type, body configure, effective air conditioning system, and other design options, such as steel or glass tunnels, rain drains, etc.


Our engineers are designing the elevation and translation system considerì‡ng maximum energy efficiency and they are also preparing pbbs taking into account the most efficient way to deliver preconditioned air and electricity to the stationed aircraft to reduce energy consumption.


For a reliable safety system, ubs airport systems using a cabin control system on their pbbs. in addition to this, using multiple sensors and a fully automated docking system provides safe, simple, and quick docking operations without any risk for the aircraft or operator at the apron.


UBS airport systems pbbs have strong, durable, and lightweight steel to form the safest and high-quality products. additionally, all materials have a guarantee to provide excellent endurance.


As UBS Airport Systems, we believe that when passengers enter our Passenger Boarding Bridges, their journeys begin. Therefore, technical solutions should be efficient and design should be appealing. In addition incorporating sides such as acoustic and thermal insulation, using natural lighting, efficient air-conditioning system, and convenient ramp slope, non-slip flooring, all of these qualifications make a difference to a passenger’s viewpoint of the service provided by an airport or airline.

Gate Products

Gate Control and Monitoring System

UBS has pioneered a Gate Control and Monitoring System that integrates all necessary airport systems to coordinate from one central location. The UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System determines the position of a UBS Passenger Boarding Bridge for an aircraft and any services it requires before it touches down onto the runway. The UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System combines data received from AODB, PBB, DGS, and GPU& APU mounted onto UBS PBB. This live data is visible and controllable via the multi-touch display. The UBS Gate Control and Monitoring System boosts efficiency and saves your time for gate operations. Live gateway situations will be visible from one central location by time and workforce. As a result of this situation, faults can be noticed without delay and it provides quick resolutions on time.

Pre-conditioned Air

Pre-Conditioned Air System provides more revenues for the airports, cost-effective operations for the airlines, and environmentally friendly actions for everyone. UBS Airport Systems is considering all of your advances when supplying this system.

Hose Management System

Hose retriever is the system, extends or retracts the PCA unit’s hose automatically. The system maintains the formation of the hose, so pressure losses can not cause a performance loss. UBS Airport Systems have a wide range of product lines for the hose management system, and we are providing system-oriented connections to fulfill our customer's standards.

Ground Power Unit

As UBSAS, we are regarding your needs by providing tailored-made power solutions, and the ground power unit is one of these solutions. When you select us, you get cleaner and more reliable ground support systems that make the airfields more convenient for your operations.

Docking Guidance System

Docking Guidance Systems (DGS) make gate approaches more safe and quick. A standard DGS is designed for only ramp positioning and utilizes both human and mechanical elements to guide pilots to bring the airplane nose-in and stops the aircraft in a precise position where boarding bridges and fuel pits are easily accessible.

The new generation of docking guidance equipment is a fully automated active system that ICAO classifies as a Docking Guidance System (DGS). UBS Airport Systems’ advanced visual docking guidance system benefits the airport, pilots, and aircraft crews by saving time and reducing the damage risk for the plane during marshaling onto the bay. 5.3.25 defines advanced visual docking guidance as those systems that provide pilots with active guidance information in at least three stages: acquisition of the aircraft by the system, the azimuth alignment of the aircraft, and the stopping position information. To conclude it all, a DGS must provide accurate guidance to pilots in both seats.

Water Supply System

As UBSAS, we are providing premium quality Water Supply Systems by reducing the dependency on maintenance, our WSSs are offering high-quality water to stationed aircraft in all climate conditions. They can be easily installed and integrated to fulfill your Passenger Boarding Bridges requirements.

Highly durable PBBs with everlasting service

provides safe and easy docking operations and delivers a higher-level passenger boarding experience. Our tailor-made solutions, innovative technology, and high-quality elements make UBS’s PBB the best solution.

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